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Saturday, 05 October 2013 17:08

Taste of Israel

Hi everyone! As I said in my previous post, I use to discover countries by their food!

According to my [subjective] opinion the Israeli cuisine is spicy and full of herbal tastes. The best places to eat are in the old city of Tev-Aviv, called - Yaffo (or Jaffa). There are good restaurants near the port, with live music, dancing and various fish dishes. I'm going to show you below the best tastes I tried in TLV. All food here is served with local souses: humus (from chick peas) and thina (from sesame), very delicius, from my point of view.


       Chicken with yoghurt with mint salad and lavash


       Meat balls with spicy vegetables


        Jumbo shrimps with curry sauce and cucumber salad with peanuts


       Creamy soup with shrimps


       Only shripms with lemon))


      And about sweets...I found something special called 'Malabi', made from sweet youghurt, rose syrup and different nuts! mmmmmm




       Dry fruit - just delicious!


       Small dried oranges :)


       A walk trough the night market in Yaffo




       Local people are very friendly :)



       I found an old door handle



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