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Saturday, 28 December 2013 12:42

Spread happiness

Imagine if everyone helped spread small seeds of happiness everywhere they went, what a difference it would make...

[RO] Ce s-ar intimpla daca fiecare ar imparti bunatate si fericire in jurul sau; la birou, la scoala, cu familia, copiii, prietenii, chiar si cu strainii de pe strada. Cred ca am face o diferenta simtita! Pentru ca tot mai multe persoane plangarete si nefericite intalnesc in ultimul timp, m-am gandit: de ce sa nu inceapa fiecare schimbarea in sine? Nu, aceasta nu e din capitolul Science Fiction!

Sunt lucruri elementare, dar care functioneaza:

1. Iubeste-te pe tine insuti! E ca si in cazul unui accident avia: masca cu oxigen ti-o aplici intii tie si apoi copilului, ca sa poti sa ai grija de el in continuare. In viata reala incearca sa faci mai multe lucruri care iti aduc satisfactie.

2. Zimbeste! Nu astepta sa fii fericit candva, gandeste-te la lucruri placute si zimbeste acum. Observi ce se intimpla?

3. Surprinde placut oamenii care ti-s dragi cu flori, mici cadouri, cuvinte placute spuse din suflet.

4. Fii erou! Ajuta pe cineva daca ai posibilitate s-o faci!

5. Incearca sa vezi plusurile in oameni, si sa ignori minusurile! Nu mai critica!

6. Impune-te sa gandesti pozitiv! Lumea e ca un Instagram, filtrul prin care o vezi ti-l alegi singur!

7. Invata-te sa asculti interlocutorul! Poate descoperi si alta latura a acestei persoane!

8. Dezvolta-ti o noua abilitate. Orice, o limba noua, un sport, etc.



[ENG] What if we all started to spread kindness and happiness around in our inner circle; at work, at school, with our kids, family, friends, and strangers on a street. We could all start to make a difference... If you don't know where to start, consider following and see if there are anything you can apply in your everyday. 

1. Be kind toward yourself. You know how on airplanes they advise that in case of a possible accident, parents should put on their oxygen masks before they help their kids? The same thing applies here. Be kind toward yourself. Really. You can’t give what you don’t have, right? So go ahead and do the things you love—dance, sing, or paint all you want. Just enjoy. Then go and spread some happiness around you. 

 2. Smile. This is the best method ever to make your own day and spread happiness around to others. Don’t wait to be happy; think of something good in your life, smile, and see what happens. 

 3. Surprise! Surprise the people you love with flowers, small presents, kind words, help, a hug, or a
genuine compliment. 

 4. Be a hero. Notice and help someone around you, a perfect stranger. 

 5. Say something good about someone or something. Be genuine. This makes you feel good and it’s much better than gossiping, since you’re spreading positive words and thoughts with the people around you. Win! 

 6. Make an effort to have good thoughts. The thing with our thoughts is that they become words and then actions, so it’s important we observe them and choose them wisely. Our thoughts are like flower seeds. They can either spread happiness or sadness. The choice is ours! 

 7. Listen with all your attention. It sounds so easy, yet really few master it. Give your full attention to the person you’re talking with. It can change your whole view of the person and vice versa. That makes two happy people! 

 8. Learn a skill. Then teach it for free. It could be anything from languages to cooking. Make it your one-person charity organization. Just don’t tell anyone. Have fun!  


{Source: Tiny Buddha Pic: Pinterest}

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