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Thursday, 25 July 2013 17:12

Not Only Fashion

On 23rd July, together with my fashionists friends, I attended a meeting with 2 important personalities from Romanian fashion world.

The first is Natalia Vasiliev - a fashion designer with Moldovan roots, who conquered Romanian catwalks.  From my point of view, Natalia's creations are very airy, diaphanous and can bring a light of femenity to any woman, from household to business lady. 

In that evening, I think everybody waited to discuss about fashion trends, colours, rules and woman beauty...but the major characther of event, Alin Galatescu, I think one of the best fashion analutics from Romania, turned the coin and, to the surprise of all, started to discuss about woman's personality as interior, not as a beautiful package. 

From that discussion, I learned some useful RULES, which I want to share with you, girls. Maybe most of them you already know, but have not realize it:

  1. Long-term investments are the true value. Invest in your brain, something you can't lose, because youth and beauty are fleeting.

  2. Self confidence and the attitude are the best beauty tools which you can use to succeed!

  3. Deal with yourself and with what mother nature gave you - this is the shorter way to self confidence!

  4. Men get bored very quiqly of outer beauty, that's why, if you want a long term relationship work to develop your personality and remember the RULE Nr.1!


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                                   Asos dress
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