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Sunday, 17 August 2014 15:14

Yellow is new black

Enjoy an exclusive interview for the Yellow Shoes Blog with the king of yellow shoes - the Israeli designer Oded Arama



TYS: Tell me, please, the history of your fabulous Yellow Shoes.

O: I happened to be working on a special art project with artist Sigalit Landau. So that was the starting point for the "sunrise" shoes in many different colors. Since I love colors - I am attracted to strong colors and textures.


TYS: Describe your personality by one word.

O: Happy

TYS: Which is the philosophy of your design?

O: Classic, modern, clean, aesthetic.


TYS: Tell 3 things to describe a bad taste in shoes.

O: A combination of shape, craft & materials. Usually the same materials can create great designs.Eventually this is all a matter of taste.

TYS: What does inspire you in your creation?

O: I believe I am like a vessel filled with different sorts of visual beauties that attracts me. Each time I design I would reach to something that “feels right” and that would be the starting point, and later things would evolve further on… I admire photography art by Man Ray, abstract paintings by Gerhard Richter, music by Bjork and Tori Amos and the beauty of organic shapes in nature.

TYS: Who are destined your shoes for?

O: Men & Women, ages 25-65, who are looking to feel special & make a great first impression with their shoes.

TYS: How do you appreciate Israeli street style?

O: I appreciate Israelis to be open minded about fashion. I love the casual & elegant combination I see in Tel Aviv. Tel Avivians are very warm and open minded - so this is a bonus!

TYS: The most important rule in your life?

O: Life should be fun. So relax, enjoy it for all that it is.

TYS: How does look a stylish woman?

O: Comfortable with her body & outfit.

TYS: Which are the trends for women’s shoes for SS 14?

O: Yellow is very strong this season. In many ways - this is the new black :)

TYS: Did you hear about Moldova?

O: Of course :) I like cooking & baking so I heard a lot about the Moldovian cuisine.

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